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Fixed Wireless Internet service

Committed to building and delivering an alternative to traditional high speed Internet. Our fixed wireless broadband is similar to DSL or Cable and can deliver download speeds from 1.0 Mbps to 100 Mbps without the need of the local telephone or cable company.


10Mbps* / 5-30 Mbps#

Great for VoIP telephone with plenty of speed to download your favorite songs and videos.

  • Flat monthly fee. $43.95
  • Unlimited Usage.

Professional installation ($75.00)



50Mbps* / 5-30Mbps#

Download large files,play online games and watch TV shows & movies online.

  • Flat monthly fee. $74.95
  • Unlimited Usage.

Professional installation ($75.00)



100Mbps* / 5-30Mbps#

Perfect for basic web surfing, email & sharing photos.

  • Flat monthly fee. $99.00
  • Unimited Usage.

Professional installation ($75.00)

*Download Speed
#Upload Speed

**NO contracts. NO data caps. NO teaser rates.
Speeds listed above are best effort and not guaranteed.

NCN Acceptable Use Policy